Western Willets on the South Nags Head beach.

Sometimes Mother Nature gives us a gift, and if this weekend seemed to have been delivered with beautiful bows in the color of blue skies and brilliant sunshine.

Temperatures in the mid to upper 60s are a rare thing in February on the Outer Banks—and usually when that happens there’s some tropical moisture embedded so the days tend to be overcast and damp.

Not this weekend.

Not a cloud in the sky, a little bit breezy, but it felt wonderful.

A perfect day to walk along the beach and get some fresh air.

Coquina Beach just past South Nags Head is part of Cape Hatteras National Seashore. Wandering on the sand next to the ocean, there aren’t any houses or structures…just the ocean, the wind and shorebirds.

The breeze was almost due west today, blowing the tops off waves so the surf was was more of a riffle than a wave—at least by Outer Banks standards.

Willets populate the damp sand, their beaks probing the beach for ghost crabs. As a wave rushes in they sprint away from it, then hurry back to the wettest part of the beach to continue looking for a meal.

A fantastic day on the Outer Banks and a reminder that the best is still to come.