“An Intimate Evening with Rhonda Vincent” Friday, July 1 highlights Roanoke Island Festival Park summer music series.

There is some great music coming to the Outer Banks this summer. The Outer Banks Brewing Station has some great music lined up. As every, Kelly’s Outer Banks Tavern will be rocking with everything from 70s and 80s retro to reggae and hiphop. The Lost Colony has three great shows lined up—World Turning Band—a Fleetwood Mac tribute band Father’s Day; July 3 it’s The Dawes and Who’s Bad, brining the best of Micahel Jackson to the stage on August 7.

But we can’t write about everything so this is just about Roanoke Island Festival Park and some of the shows that are coming up.

First up is Crowder—David Crowder—this coming Thursday, June 22. With his Christian rock sound, Crowder has built a huge following among teenagers and young adults.

One of the most exciting shows coming to RIFP is “An Intimate Evening with Rhonda Vincent” Friday, July 1.

A gifted mandolin player with a throaty powerful voice, Vincent’s sound is somewhat bluegrass, but she absolutely crosses genres with the arrangements of her songs and her band—which is amazing.

Held at the Indoor Theatre, seating is very limited. 

Emily West is next up. The runner-up on America’s Got Talent—the question has to be asked why and how she lost to a magician—this is a woman whose talent and voice is poised to take her to the next level. Performing a wide range of songs—new stuff, classics—and putting her own stamp on it, she is worth checking out.

An outdoor all day concert, Malpass Brothers and Jonny Waters and Company are also on the bill.

August 4th John Michael Montgomery is the headliner. Montgomery has been around for some time and the range of songs he performs is astonishing. Definitely  a country bent to his music, but done really well. 

Also held at the Outdoor Pavilion, look for a whole evening of music.