People’s Blues of Richmond at Mustang Music Spring Jam.

The music was great, the weather not so much at this 5th Annual Mustang Music Spring Jam.

The forecast called for overcast skies but dry conditions in Corolla for today, but maybe dry is a relative condition. It never actually rained but a cool breeze from the northeast and on again off again drizzle kept the day chilly.

The music more than made up for any weather shortcomings.

The kids in Ruth Wyand’s Mustang Music program always kick off the day and have never disappointed and they definitely did not did not disappoint this year. No Clue—that’s the name of the group—are the youngest members and they really did a great job.

The older kids in Last Days of May really rocked the house. Gracie Deichler’s version of the Janis Joplin classic “Piece of My Heart” was a show stopper.

The real key to the success of the Mustang Music festivals—there’s another one coming up in October—is the quality of the bands Mike Diana brings to the Outer Banks. This year was no exception to that.

Buddha Council with their heavily reggae-influenced sound was a great way to kick things off. And the full, rich sound of Major and the Monbocks really kept things going.

People’s Blues of Richmond first showed up on the Mustang Music radar last October at the Mustang Music Festival. They weren’t the headliners then, but they could have been.

A trio—bass, guitar and drum—these guys are great!. Tight, talented with a great set of hard driving blues and rock songs, keep your eye on them—they may be going places.

Proceeds from the Mustang Music Spring Jam benefit the Mustang Music Program and the Corolla Wild Horse Fund.