Some things you just have to experience to believe and that’s pretty much the case with the Sunday’s all day Spring Music Jam.

This was the third annual, and it’s tough to describe just how great the event was unless you were there. 

The headliner, The Ben Miller Band has been on the fringes of breaking out and they may finally be getting there. They’re a trio and the basic instruments they play are guitar, drums and washtub bass—and that’s the classic washtub bass with a stick, a string and all going into a galvanized washtub. Of course there’s a pickup in the washtub, but that’s the only way it could stay up with the power of the rest of the group.

But they change instruments, too. The drummer might switch to an electric washboard . . . played through a wawa pedal. Guitar switches to banjo. The songs range from classic bluegrass to blues to jazz. One of the things that make them so fascinating is the song may start at one place, but by the end of the journey it’s somewhere else entirely.

The Ben Miller Band was just one of five groups performing and Uber Lounge was right up there with the best . . . which isn’t surprising since their drummer, Dan Martier has toured nationally and internationally with the Tim Reynolds Trio (TR3) and his wife, Laura, has a big, powerful voice and she knows how to sell it.

The next Mustang Festival will be October 10 and 11 at the Whalehead Club. Two days of the same concept of continual music, a great setting and organizer Mike Dianna always makes sure it’s family friendly.