As the Weather Channel tracked Isaias, an update about Corncrake Island crawled across the screen.

As the Weather Channel followed Isaias, an update about Corncrake Island crawled across the screen.

Little did we know that as Tropical Storm Isaias tracked north through North Carolina, Corncrake, a new island at the southern end of the Outer Banks would be discovered.

That’s right, according to The Weather Channel, Corncrake Island was able to evacuate over 1500 vehicles by ferry. That was important information because evidently the only way on and off Corncrake Island was by ferry.

For those of us who live on the Outer Banks and just about all or our regular guests, that description sounds suspiciously like Ocracoke Island. But goodness gracious if The Weather Channel says there’s an island named Corncrake where we thought Ocracoke was, maybe we’re all wrong.

Although the storm pushed inland and the Atlantic Ocean was not as fierce as it can be during a tropical system, maybe it was active enough to stir things up  and create a whole new barrier island. Complete with ferry docks, a road and visitors. Who had to be evacuated.

How Ocracoke Thinks about Corncrake Island

Since no one can quite locate this new Outer Banks island, we have to assume that what they meant was Ocracoke. And the folks on the island are viewing it with a good bit of humor.

And, perhaps more importantly, it’s a good chance to let the world know that they still have not completely recovered from Hurricane Dorian.

So, making lemonade out of lemons—or perhaps cornbread out of Corncrake—Ocracoke Strong, which is the Island’s nonprofit raising funds to help with Dorian relief, quickly came out with a T-shirt and a sticker.

Corncrake sticker from Ocracoke Strong.

Corncrake sticker from Ocracoke Strong.

The Weather Channel, no doubt after searching in vain for the mythical Corncrake Island, admitted their mistake.

“Corncrake Island’s forecast: Cloudy with a chance of some bad autocorrect. We’ll get it right…” they wrote on Twitter.

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