Nags Head Woods, along Sweetgum Swamp Trail.

Nags Head Woods, along Sweetgum Swamp Trail.

The first cold snap of the season is almost out to sea off the shore of the Outer Banks. We’ll probably have two or three more of them over the winter, and maybe even just a touch of snow. Nothing, of course, like is experienced in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh or any place in Ohio.

It looks as though we’re going to have a couple of nice days. Cool, almost cold by Outer Banks standards, but with plenty of sunshine, it’s a good time to explore other side of the Outer Banks.

Nags Head Woods is mostly in Kill Devil Hills. There is nothing else quite like it on the Outer Banks.

Although it is a maritime forest, the trees have taken root on what are actually ancient sand dunes. The dunes, packed solid over millennia, take visitors on paths that, at times, resemble mountain trails for how steep the incline is.

Trails for everyone in Nags Head Woods

What is particularly nice, however, about Nags Head Woods, is that there is something for everyone at the reserve.

The Center Trail is a quarter mile trail perfect for the littlest legs. There’s an ADA trail with a paved parking lot. The trail circles a beautiful freshwater pond.

For the heartier trekkers, check out the Sweetgum Swamp Trail, and 2.25 mile trail with inclines that will challenge almost anyone. Or extend it by tacking on the 1.5 mile Blueberry Trail.

The area around the The Roanoke Trail that leads to Roanoke Sound was once owned by the Tillett family, a prominent Outer Banks family with roots going back to the revolution. At the beginning of the trail there is a family cemetery. Along the root, the story of the Tillett land is told.

Bike riders—Old Nags Head Woods Road that runs through the heart of Nags Head Woods, is a packed earth dirt road perfect for anyone with fat tires and gears.

There is so much to explore on the Outer Banks. One week is never enough and two is barely adequate. Make your reservation today with Brindley Beach Vacations and start your journey of discovery.