Nags Head Woods fishing pond.

Nags Head Woods fishing pond.

The Outer Banks weather today was a tale of two days. It started off as a wonderfully warm fall day, then the front came through.

About 3:00 p.m. the wind kicked up, the clouds rolled in and then the rain hit with a little thunder. There’s not much to stop the wind here, so he had a some 35-40 mph winds for about an hour. It’s still a bit windy.

But, before the winds came and the rain, it was a wonderful day, so we took a walk through Nags Head Woods.

We’ve written about Nags Head Woods before, but it’s such a wonderful place to visit that it’s worth a couple of mentions.

Nags Head Woods is part of the Nature Conservancy, not that it matters for enjoying the trails that wind their way through the maritime forest.

Some of the trails follow some remarkably rugged terrain for a barrier island, climbing over relict sand dunes that have become heavily forested.

Roanoke Sound Trail

Today, though, we headed over to the Roanoke Sound Trail. An easier trail than some of the others, perhaps, but fascinating nonetheless.

Much of the land that is now Nags Head Woods was originally owned by the Tillett family. Where the trail meets Woods Road there’s a Tillett family cemetery with headstones tracing history back to the early 19th century.

Heading out from the visitor’s center, the trail crosses some dunes, but they are not nearly as steep or as high as the trail on the southern side of reserve.

Where the trail ends at Roanoke Sound there’s a small sandy beach, although the water at the location isn’t very inviting. It’s apparent that here has been incursion by slowly rising waters. Cypress trees, bleached white and dead dot the shallows. But the view across the sound is spectacular.

The Outer Banks offers so many things to see and do that it calls out for many visits. Plan your next adventure with Brindley Beach Vacation.