The view from above. Looking down from the second floor balcony at the new Brindley Beach Corolla office.

The grand opening of our new Corolla office proved conclusively that Brindley Beach Vacations sure knows how to throw a party.

And it was a well-deserved party…a celebration of a beautiful new building; a celebration of all the hard work and dedication our employees put into proving that cream rises to the top when things get tough.

What made this particularly nice is the grand opening party was held exactly two years to the day from when our Corolla building burned to the ground.

Our new building itself is worth a shoutout and even more. Walking in the front doors, visitors enter a spacious room filled with natural light from the atrium three stories above the floor.

The reception desk welcomes our guests without the clutter that is so often part of the check-in experience.

There are two floors to our new offices. A balcony wraps around the atrium area so nothing disrupts the sense of spaciousness of the main floor.

The ground floor houses our guest services. Our corporate offices and sales offices are on the second floor. 

The party to let the world know our new office is open for business was a blast. Great food from Kelly’s Catering services and the music of Dan and Laura Martier. 

It took a little longer than we had hoped to get the new office open, but when we realized what we wanted for our guests and our employees, we realized compromise was not an option.

We think the wait was worth it. Stop by and check out our new Corolla office when you’re in the area.