Surfer competing at the NSSA national championships.

Surfer competing at the NSSA national championships.

The NSSA—National Scholastic Surf Association held their national championships at Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head last week. The organization didn’t seem to do a very good job of getting the word out though.

We just happened to stumble on it checking out surf conditions.

For the competition—plenty of waves and nice size…6’-9’ thanks to a really active Atlantic storm season. However, the quality of the wave was somewhat suspect when we were there.

There has been a constant NNE wind and that tends to create a lot of chop. The best waves were a good 75 yards offshore, but they would form then fall apart.

It seemed to make it hard for competitors to really create any of the style points needed to catch a judge’s eye. Of course, everyone was in the same boat—or same board—so things evened out.

The NSSA is unique in that as a youth surf organization the tie participation into the student’s grades.

The surfing overall has been amazing this fall on the Outer Banks. Although the Atlantic tropical storm season has been very active, thankfully there has been very little impact on us.

Things may be winding down a bit now, thought. The wind has been picking up from the northeast. As we mentioned earlier, that generally creates a lot of chop in the waves.

The Atlantic Ocean seems to have finally calmed down. At least we hope so. It’s been a difficult year for weather. Epsilon is still out there, but far out to sea, to the north and heading to Iceland.

For the hardcore surfers though, the nor’easter season will be starting soon. Grab your drysuit, your favorite board and be ready.

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