Nu-Blu at the Soundstage. (LtoR) Austin Koerner, Carolyn Routh, Daniel Routh, Levi Austin


A couple of weeks  ago we wrote about how much there still is to do on the Outer Banks, and even looking beyond November there is still a lot to do.

But before we look too far into the future, quick review of Nu-Blu who lit up the stage at the Lost Colony on Roanoke Island last night seems in order.

Part of the Veteran’s Writing Weekend the Dare County Arts Council has sponsored for the past two years, the group performed at the Soundstage Theatre, the one time prop storage for the Lost Colony.

Nu-Blu is part of a wave of newer, younger performers who are taking bluegrass into new directions. Much of what they play are the traditional sounds of the music, but from time to time, they suddenly go in different and wonderful directions.

Their instrumental breaks between the amazing vocals of Carolyn Routh especially range take side trips into jazz riffs with some rhythm patterns that sound a lot like rock’n’roll. 

It was a great night of music last night, but beyond that there was a reminder that the weekend is about helping veterans heal through the wiring process.

Ron Capps, who runs the Veterans Writing Workshop took the stage to read from his book “Seriously Not All Right.”

The book describes his experiences in war and what he read was chilling, horrific and a reminder that the scars our veterans carry are not always visible.