The OBX Brewfest, what’s not to like. A great setting at the Outer Banks Event Site in Nags Head, fantastic music, a warm sunny day with a perfect breeze from the south . . . and beer. Lots and lots of beer. 

Fifty-four booths according to one source, and all of them pouring at least two brews. It certainly was a day to pace yourself, but there were so many choice and it seemed like so little time.

Brewfest was the inaugural happening for the Outer Banks Event Site. Originally Soundside Spectacular was going to be, but a harsh winter held up construction and it wasn’t quite ready earlier in May.

Actually, it was barely ready for this, and with somewhere around 2500 ticket holders coming through, a little bit of dust was kicked up because they hadn’t had a chance to lay the sod yet. But that’s all minor, because the day was really about running into friends—there were a lot of people who live on the Outer Banks carrying their sample glasses around—and listening to some great music. 

Three bands took the stage, Mark Schimick, People’s Blues of Richmond and Tauk. All of them were great, but People’s Blues Band really seemed to stand out.