Welcoming our homeowners back to the Outer Banks.

Welcoming our homeowners back to the Outer Banks. Photo OBX Today.

The homeowners are back and now we’re getting ready for our guests to return next weekend on May 16. Honestly, people are pretty excited about that.

All of us who live here have done a lot to try to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and in so many ways, knowing that guests will again be on the Outer Banks is a lot like an award.

A couple of things our guests probably need to be aware of before crossing our bridges.

Please try to do as much of your shopping as possible before coming. Outer Banks stores are experiencing the same supply chain problems that are plaguing all grocery stores right now. The shelves are reasonably well stocked, but there are limits on purchases in a number of situations.

It may not effect anything because our peak season is not quite here. However, stores are allowed 50% occupancy based on their square footage. Come June and July if those guidelines are still in place, though, there will be impacts at grocery stores. Especially on weekends.

Our restaurants are not yet open. However, almost all of our restaurants are taking to go orders. By all means, treat yourself and family to a couple of wonderful at home meals and keep our friends in business.

How to Look Like a Native

As we mentioned earlier, those of us who live here have been very careful to adhere to the guidelines that have been issued to reduce the chance of community spread. We have been very careful about social distancing—keeping 6’ from non family members.

You will probably see a lot of facemarks for the next few weeks. Here on the Outer Banks we’ve been taking this very seriously.

Please be respectful of the feelings of the people who live here. Although no longer required, face masks are recommended when in setting where reasonable distances from other people are not possible.

All that being said…it sure is wonderful to welcome our Brindley Beach Vacations homeowners, guests and friends back to the Outer Banks.