Marathon runners along Kitty Hawk Bay.

Now that the 9th Annual Outer Banks Marathon is history, we can look back on it and say, “Wow! That was a heck of an event.”

Winning time was Bryan Morseman from Bath, NY at 2:27:39. That’s a 5:38 minute mile, which is a pretty good pace. Top finisher for women was Ginny Cronley from Greensboro at 3:00:17. Not far behind her at 3:08:55 was the top Outer Banks finisher Jessica Jennings from Kitty Hawk. 

Even our Brindley Beach team got into the act with Dee Dean finish line in Manteo at 4:32:44.

The race truly is a community event, and in many ways represents what is best about the Outer Banks. Local businesses line up to sponsor mileposts. Here at Brindley Beach we sponsroed MP 6 for the half marathon and MP19 for the full. People lining the streets cheering the runners on, there was a family along Moor Shore Road in Kitty Hawk handing out water to runners as they raced by; there was a little girl standing in her driveway waving to the runners as they ran by, which may have been the cutest thing we saw all day.

The final numbers aren’t in, but the feeling is, this was a great success. With runners coming from just about every state—usually coming with their families—the Marathon has become a wonderful showcase for the Outer Banks.

And beyond that, it’s also a time to feel good about where we live.