Fixing the Beach Road in Kitty Hawk.

It’s pretty clear that NCDOT has experience at fixing shoreline roads that get wiped out by the sea. After last week’s storm that breached the Beach Road just north of the Black Pelican in Kitty Hawk, a lot of people were scratching their heads, wondering how the road would be fixed.

Not, evidently, the engineers at NCDOT. 

On Tuesday they had a crew on site, cutting the old roadbed away from where the ocean had undercut it. The pieces from the old road will be used as a protective barrier underneath the new road that is being put into place.

Today (Wednesday) the dump trucks were on hand dropping sand over the damaged section of road, followed by bulldozer to smooth it out and pack it down.

According to the NCDOT, the road will be fixed and ready to go by Friday.

The last piece of the puzzle will be bringing in sand to rebuild the dune line that was destroyed. That, we have been told will take an additional two to three weeks, depending on how the permitting process goes. There is a little bit of concern about a subtropical system that looks like it’s going to bring some wind, rain and high seas to the area over the weekend, but hopefully, the repairs will hold.