Mike Kelly's St. Patrick's Day Parade is a must see Outer Banks event.
Mike Kelly’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a must see Outer Banks event.

Kelly’s 30th Annual OBX St Patrick’s Day Parade is going to happen this Sunday—that’s March 17. The actual St. Patty’s Day. That doesn’t happen very often—only about two times in the past 20 years.

So, put on your long johns, slap some earmuffs on your head and head out to Nags Head a little bit before 1:00 p.m. It’s going to be chilly. The forecast is calling for sunshine, but a high temperature of 45. The wind is going to be light, but it will be from the north northeast—right off the ocean.

The OBX St Patrick’s Day Parade starts at 1:00, but it’s a good idea to get there a bit early to get a good place for viewing, and just to find a parking place.

The parade will be a bit shorter this year. Actually quite a bit shorter. The town of Nags Head is doing some extensive work on storm drainage in Gallery Row where the parade usually ends. Instead of being a mile long, the St. Patrick’s Day parade this year is cut in half—just a half mile long.

What to Expect Along the Route During the OBX St Patrick’s Day Parade

That shouldn’t change much of anything, though. It’s still going sure to be a fair representation of the whacky, wonderful world of the Outer Banks.

They’ll be marching bands…there always are. Of course, no marching band has quite the panache, quite the unique way about them as the South Nags Head White Trash Kazoo Marching Band and Beach Chair Drill Team.

As the name implies, they play music on kazoos, the cadence is beaten on trash cans. And…they do precision drills with beach chairs. For those who have seen them before, it all makes sense. For those who have not seen them…you owe to yourself to check them out.

the SNHWT Marching Band is not the only whacky part of the OBX St Patrick’s Day Parade. There’s dogs in St. Patrick’s Day regalia; lots of antique cars; floats of every description; a pushmepullya car.

It is, in short, everything that makes the Outer Banks such a wonderful place to live or visit.

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