Fresh strawberries from Mr. Malco's strawberry patch.

The warm February we had seems to have had an unanticipated effect—Mr. Malco’s strawberry patch opened about two weeks earlier than usual this year.

Just north of the Outer Banks, about a half mile past the Wright Memorial Bridge, Mr. Malco's strawberries are a u-pick ‘em enterprise, and worth every ounce of effort. 

The field seems to be about three acres which doesn’t sound all that large but that’s a lot of strawberries to pick. 

And they are wonderful. 

There are flavors in fresh picked strawberries that no store bought fruit can ever match. Bursting with juice and flavor, sweet and tart and layers of flavors that call out to be consumed in quantity.

Strawberry picking is a perfect thing to do with a little boy or girl; it is the type of activity that creates a lifetime memory and once that memory is there, every year about this time the question is asked, “Is it time to pick strawberries yet?”

The weather has turned a rainy and cool and will be that way for the next few days, but the end of the week is looking like perfect strawberry picking weather—warm, but not too warm and plenty of sunshine.