It’s Thanksgiving week here on the Outer Banks and it’s a great time to visit.

No, it’s not summer time warm, not even close to that, but this is a week when homeowners and their families seem to leave their cares at home and fill our stores and businesses. That’s really nice for our stores, businesses  and restaurants, but what it’s really all about is what make the Outer Banks so special.

The Outer Banks is all about family. It is something that as a community we take a lot of pride in. That’s why our schools are so good; why we have such extensive activities through our parks and rec departments; and it’s why so many people enjoy living here.

Seeing families come to our home to spend time together makes the weekend a little better. Yes, we know the pumpkin pie may not turn out just right, or the stuffing isn’t up to standards, but somehow the turkey is always perfect and the company memorable  . . . and isn’t that what the holidays are all about?

It does look as though Wednesday is going to be a not very nice day. There seems to be a coastal storm forming that is forecast to track up the East Coast. Look for significant winds and a lot rain, followed by clearing on Thanksgiving and a great day.