A couple strolling in the snow along the Morr Shore Road multi-use path in Kitty Hawk.

The Outer Banks is a transformed place in the snow. It is cold on the beach . . . bitterly, bitingly cold . . . the kind of cold that begins to feel like punishment after five minutes.

Away from the beach though, a new landscape emerges. Live oak with the rich green of their leaves still a part of the foliage, captures the falling flakes and are transformed into trees of many hues and colors. Looking across Kitty Hawk Bay the shoreline stands out in a brilliant white against the steel gray of the water.

The kids are out in force—no surprise there. The only disappointment for them is that it’s a Friday and there’s no chance that they’ll be missing school—especially since this is a long weekend.

If the beach is too cold for a walk in the snow, on the soundside, there is little or no wind and a couple strolls along the multi-use path off Moor Shore Road.

We’re in for a couple of really cold day. Not quite as cold as the forecast is calling for farther north, but for the next two days, it looks as though the mercury is going to struggle to get to the freezing mark. But the sun will be out and in a few days the thermometer will climb back to the mid 50s where it’s supposed to be this time of the year.