Rockfish-a prized catch in early winter along the Outer Banks.

We’re not sure if the weather this past week has been early fall-like or spring-like, but one thing we know is it has not been typical December weather for the Outer Banks. Daytime temps have been in the upper 60s to low 70s, there’s been a light breeze and the sun has been out every day. It looks as though we’ll have a few more days of this, and fishermen are rejoicing.

That’s right, the fish are running and we’re getting reports from everywhere of great action. 

Puppy drum and blues seem to running really torn right now, with a couple of trout, flounder and sea mullet thrown into the mix.

The big news though for surf fishing and anglers in the sounds is that rockfish are running again. Probably not at historic levels, but enough that it’s worth putting a line in the water. 

The mild weather has also created some very nice surf conditions. Nothing too challenging—the waves are running 2’-3’ but the break is long and even. A wet suit is call for with water temperature in the 50s.

We’re looking at a change in the weather for the weekend, but the beginning of Christmas Week looks like its back to unseasonably warm temperers and light winds. Maybe there’ll be rockfish on the Christmas menu this year.