Wearing a Brindley Beach bride's crown, a bride to be stops by the Brindley Beach booth.
Wearing a Brindley Beach bride’s crown, a bride to be stops by the Brindley Beach booth.

Expo Weekend Highlights Outer Banks Business Community

The Outer Banks Wedding Expo is an interesting weekend. The obvious aspect of examining on one of the the things we do best is obvious. 

No one can come up with hard, confirmed numbers, but a general agreed figure is there are between 1500 and 2000 wedding performed between Carova and Ocracoke annually.

So, yes, weddings, and by extension, events are a very important part of how the Outer Banks business scene. 

What also becomes apparent in spending some time at the Expo, is how welcoming and friendly the Outer Banks community is. Certainly there is real competition to be the best at everything we do, but there is also mutual respect and support among the various vendors.

For the brides and their families who are trying to make a decision about what they hope is going to be a once in a lifetime day, having the vendors they are meeting describe what they do well makes the whole experience much more relaxing. And then, having a vendor able to point to other businesses that could be helpful, creates a professional atmosphere that is reassuring to our guests.

It will take a few days to get final numbers on how many people did come to the Expo this year. What we do know from talking to a number of vendors are a couple of interesting tidbits of information.

Couples Planning for the Future

Couples seem to be very focused on planning ahead—significantly more than in the past, people are planning a year or more into the future. We were told that 2020 weddings seemed to be on a lot of couple’s minds.

Our Brindley Beach Vacations event specialist, Tracy Seal, commented that brides seemed to have a better idea of what information they wanted this year than in past years. 

What that might mean three months or six months from now—that’s difficult to tell. But it was noteworthy that Tracy’s observation was noted by other vendors as well.

It was a great weekend and we’ll start planning now for the 2020 Wedding Expo over Martin Luther King Weekend next year. Click here and check out our awesome short term rentals in Outer Banks!