We’ve settled into wintertime here on the Outer Banks. There’s a full fledged nor’easter howling outside our windows, we’ve had one good cold snap and even though there’s nothing too cold in the short term forecast, it’s a sure be at least one if not two more bouts of frigid air will come our way before spring.

Since winter is here, this is probably a good time to remind our Brindley Beach property owners about a winter tip to maintain your home and maybe keep those power bills a little bit lower.

Heat pumps are most efficient at a constant temperature, and if there are no plans for anyone to be in the house for a while, turn the thermostat down to 55 or 60 and leave it there. That will insure no damage to the interior, but won’t waste electricity when no one is home.

Winter is a great time to take improvements and repairs. If work has not already been schedule, don’t wait—spring is not that far away and we’re already filling up for the summer.