A differnet view of the Bonner Bridge, from the marsh to the west of the bridge.

The late fall has been tough on the Outer Banks as we’ve been hit with a number of storms. There was the remnants of Hurricane Michael back in October and more recently, last weekend we had a heck of nor’easter complete with wind gusting to 60 mph. We’re not expecting any thing like the winds we had last weekend, but the forecast for tonight and tomorrow calls for very heavy rains throughout the region. 

Weather like that always effects things and according to NCDOT, the stormy weather has taken a toll on the timeline for cutting the ribbon on the replacement for the Bonner Bridge that spans Oregon Inlet.

At the time of the ground breaking ceremony in March of 2016, the somewhat optimistic grand opening date was late fall of 2018. More recently, that date was shifted to January of 2019. After assessing where how much work is left to do on the new span, NCDOT announced opening has been moved back to February or March.

The bridge itself is complete; what workers are doing now is removing construction equipment and some guardrail work.

After the new span is open, work will begin on removing the old bridge. NCDOT, working with North Carolina Marine Fisheries, will be using the material from the bridge to maintain and create artificial reefs in nearby waters.

The entire project, the new bridge and demolition of the original Bonner Bridge, is scheduled for completion by the end of 2019.