The Outer Banks has a justifiable reputation as one of the best surf destinations on the East Coast. It wan’t a reputation that came easily and a new film from Logan Marshall that premiered tonight at the Pioneer Theater in Manteo did a great job of telling the story of how and why this strip os sand has become so well thought of. 

Outer intersperses some great photography with interviews with some of the best current surfers as well as some of the surfers who helped put the Outer Banks on the surfing map .

Lynn Shell, the owner of Outer Banks Boarding in Nags Head, is interviewed extensively and his knowledge of local conditions and what creates them is fascinating. Equally as interesting are the conversations with Jesse Hines, now the owner of Surfin’ Spoon in Nags Head, but at one time a professional surfer who enjoyed considerable success.

By contrasting the thoughts of two experienced Outer Banks surfers with the observations of the up and coming riders, a full image of what the local scene is like emerges. It is interesting to hear how much respect the younger surfers give people like Jesse Hines or Noah Snyder, who was on the pro tour at the same time as Jesse.

The photography in the film is absolutely outstanding—made more remarkable, perhaps by the filmmaker.

Logan Marshall will be a senior next year at Manteo High School. Outer is his second film; his first film as a 20 minute surf film titled Limitless. Outer is an hour long.

It’s a very well made film and worth seeing. It will be screened again on Tuesday, July 17 at the Outer Banks Boarding Company in Nags Head.