At the Surfin' Spoon craft show. Whitney Hines (blond) in foreground.

Every place seems to have its own traditions at Christmas and the Outer Banks is no exception. What really seems to set the local way to celebrate the holidays apart is how important the arts community is to every day life.

Along with the major galleries that have such great art in them, local craft fairs seem to crop up two or three times a week during this time of the year.

We had a chance to stop by one yesterday at Surfin’ Spoon in Nags Head and it seemed like the perfect combination of art, music and Christmas ambiance.

Opened by pro surfer Jesse Hines and his wife, Whitney, a couple of years, Surfin’ Spoon has become a local’s favorite for frozen yogurt. It’s not all that big inside, but they still managed to get five or six artists set up with some beautiful Christmas music provided by Esther Faith and Brittany Duffy, local singers who blended their voices perfectly.

The level of art on display was excellent. There’s not space to mention everyone, but some of the highlights were Whitney who, along with running a business, surfing and being a mom, turns out some great pottery; Peter Erickson from Shoaling Waters was on hand with his Gyotaku—a Japanese form of print making that uses the form of the freshly caught fish. 

Visiting wasn’t a whole day’s entertainment, but after 45 minutes or so, happy with a few truly different gifts and a bowl of pumpkin pie frozen yogurt with many toppings, it seemed a reminder of what is best about the holidays.