Here’s something a little different to do on the Outer Banks but it’s about as American as apple pie—take in an Outer Banks Daredevil’s baseball game.

The Daredevils play in the Tidewater Summer League, competing against mostly teams from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia.  The kids who make up the teams are from college and for a lot of them the summer league is their first exposure to playing with a wooden bat—which is a precursor to playing professional ball. And a number of these ballplayers are being scouted.

It’s good competitive baseball—the kids are still developing their skills, but there are some very good ballplayers in the mix. 

The action takes place at the First Flight High School ball field in Kill Devil Hills and there is so much going for that ballpark that you owe it to yourself to go if you like baseball.

Ticket cost is very low—$5.00 for adults. The concession prices are reasonable. In fact, a family of four should be able to have a great time, something to eat and not spend more than $50—which is probably a little less than going out to dinner.

The ballpark is a very safe, protected environment . . . the kids can roam free and you don’t have to worry. And the stands put you right on top of the action.

Games are Monday through Thursday at 7:05 p.m. and the season goes through most of July.