Outer Banks Beach Scene. (Outer Banks Visitors Bureau)
Moving forward to begin beach nourishment projects on the Outer Banks by the beginning of 2016, the towns of Duck, Kitty Hawk and Kill Devil Hills are putting forward remarkably similar plans to fund the multi-million dollar project.
The most recent proposal from Kitty Hawk divides the town A, B, and C districts indicating the distance from the ocean. District A is considered beachfront and properties between the highways; B is the business district immediately to the west of US 158, the Bypass; and C is the Village district.
Property tax would be assessed based on proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, district A needing the most protection and potentially reaping the most direct benefit having the highest assessment.
The plans have different names and different details in all three towns, but at their heart they all call for greater property tax assessments for beach front properties.
The plan is part of an Interlocal agreement with Dare County with towns and the County equally sharing the expense.

According to County officials, by coordinating nourishment projects within among the towns will create a 17% cost savings. If permitting and design process proceeds as planned, beach nourishment will begin in 2016.