The forecasters got it mostly right with the storm that just passed up by. 

There rain started Friday night and it was a cold, cold rain with a harsh north wind. The temperatures fell throughout the day, but much of the Outer Banks was below the snow line.

Riding north to Corolla, things began to change and driving through the village of Corolla about 2:00 in the afternoon it was snowing. 

The historic buildings of the Village are transformed in the snow; they seem to take on a look and a feel that belongs someplace to the north. The ground covered in a blanket of white stands in sharp contrast to the bright brick color of the Currituk Beach Lighthouse of the Whalehead Club.

The snow was falling hard and fast. A walk to the Currituck Sound by the Whalehead Club was an exercise in effort. The wind, howling off the sound, dropped the temperatures of an already cold day to bone chilling. Three layers of clothes, wool socks and boots were just a temporary guard against the wind and snow.

Yet it was beautiful…so beautiful looking across the pond to the boathouse, the lighthouse was a silhouette against the gray sky. The footbridge with snow falling so hard, seemed to rise above the ground with nothing to support it, becoming a path to some new and beautiful place. And over everything the Whalehead Club revealed itself like the castle of a king overseeing its domaine.

The snow will be gone soon—there’s not much of it and by Tuesday the daytime temperature will be well above freezing, but for that one moment, the summer paradise of the Outer Banks was transformed into a winter wonderland.