Outer Banks Bike Week is almost upon us–begins next Saturday, April 19, and runs through April 27, which is the following Sunday. Ok, that’s more like the Beatle’s song, Eight Days a Week, but organizers have been squeezing more and more into the event, so the extra day makes a lot of sense.
There are so many events happening during the week, that we can’t possibly list them all but here is just a sampling.
There’s live music every day and a wide range of music styles at multiple venues. There are at least three or four bike shows selling everything needed for a Harley (Outer Banks Harley is sponsoring it, so they get the plug.) There are a number of rides going everywhere–to the Graveyard of the Atlantic Museum in Hatteras Village to the Whalehead Club in Corolla. 
The event has been gaining popularity ever since it first came to the Outer Banks 12 years ago–in large part because it is very family oriented. Yes there are the usual biker week events that make most people cringe and think I can’t believe you’re doing that–cole slaw wrestling comes immediately to mind–but much more of this event is about the joy of riding with friends and family and the Outer Banks experience.