Except at Christmas, the Poulos house, which is on the road to Nags Head Woods, is pretty much off the beaten path. The property sits by the side of Ocean Acres Drive after it becomes a dirt road, and other than the holiday season, there’s not much traffic back there.

But Thanksgiving through the New Year, that all changes. 

For 37 years the Poulos family has been putting on one of the most spectacular Christmas decoration shows imaginable. 

Spread across a hilly two acres, the property fills the night sky with with a light show of Santas, Christmas elves, reindeer, manger scenes and toy trains.

What is particularly nice is the Poulos family has tried to be inclusive; at the beginning of the walk by the road, there’s a menorah—the symbol of Chanukah—with lights reading “Season’s Greetings.” On the roof of the house a blinking display reads, put Christ back in Christmas.

Putting the religious symbols aside, though, this seems to be one families’ commitment to give back to the community. 

And the community seems to love it.

Little children squeal with delight as they walk along the pathways, calling out to their parents to check this out or that out. The home has become a regular stop for area teenagers and in their conversations, there is the echo of the innocence of childhood as they move to adulthood.

Although the Poulos decorations have been recognized nationally, this really seems to be one that is special residents…and the visitors lucky enough to be on the Outer Banks during the holidays.

To get to the Poulos house, turn at Pigman’s Barbecue in Kill Devil Hills and follow Ocean Acres Drive. The house is just over the rise in a hill when the street turns into a dirt road. Expect a bit of a walk to the house because there are so many cars parked along the side of the road checking out the decorations.