Scene from the 3rd Annual Outer Banks Seafood Fest, one of many October events improving the shoulder season for property owners.

About once a month we take a step back from reporting the goings and comings of everyday life on the Outer Banks and look at what’s happening in the property management picture. 

The Outer Banks Visitors Bureau reports just came out for October and things are still looking good . . . very good.

It’s the big picture we’re looking at, so as the saying goes, “individual results may vary . . .” but the big picture we’re seeing makes for good viewing.

How good? At the end of October, Dare County’s 2014 occupancy receipts had already matched 2013. We’ve mentioned this before about the reports, but it does bear repeating, this is only for Dare County. Currituck County is much slower in reporting their occupancy tax receipts.

Nonetheless, it’s a very strong showing—particularly strong for homeowners, the category our property owners are specifically interested in. Also of note, the northern beaches, Duck to Nags Head where Brindley Beach properties are located, showed a 10.3% monthly increase in revenue over last year.

In going over the reports, the towns of Kill Devil Hills and Nags Head seem to be doing particularly well. With our new office in Kill Devil Hills, Brindley Beach is well placed to help property owners in those two towns.