Batter up! The Outer Banks Daredevils took the field for the 2015 season last night.

That’s the way to kick off a baseball season—a 5-4 Outer Banks Daredevils victory over the Greenbrier Knights.

The Outer Banks Daredevils may be the best family entertainment value on the Outer Banks. Playing from the First Flight High School baseball field in Kill Devil Hills the team brings college talent from all over the United States to practice their skills and hope for a notice from a major league scout.

This is a wooden bat league, playing under rules that are very similar to professional baseball. It’s a important step for a lot of these kids, since most of them have played their entire careers with aluminum bats, and the difference between the two is significant. 

It’s not quite major league talent, but there is definitely some very good skills there; and some of the kids that have played for the Daredevils have been drafted and played professional ball. 

Mostly though, this is an event for the whole family. Prices are very reasonable—a family of four should be able to buy tickets, get something to eat and do it all for under $50. 

It’s also very safe. It’s on school property and fenced off, so if the kids want to wander around parents won’t have to worry.

Home games are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday through July.