Making hand sanitizer at Outer Banks Distillery in Manteo.

Making hand sanitizer at Outer Banks Distillery in Manteo.

We’re at a place, right now, that none of us ever thought would be And let’s face it—it’s not very pleasant.

Yet among all the worries of today, all the concerns we may have, little stories, small examples  of generosity keep cropping up that remind us that we will get through this and when we do we will look back on amazing the human spirit is at times.

The guys at Outer Bank Distilling have stopped making rum and are instead producing bottles of hand sanitizer…and giving the bottles away. Free. No charge.

Outer Banks Distilling, located in Manteo, is not a large company. In fact, it’s a very small company. They make rum—very good rum, we should mention. Kill Devil Rum is what they make and they have three or four different kinds.

But stopping production to make hand sanitizer means they are using alcohol they had distilled from sugar to make the sanitizer. Each bottle is 75% alcohol but you wouldn’t want to drink it because there is also hydrogen peroxide and glycerin in the formula.

Why They Are Doing This

It’s always a wild guess about why someone does something like this during a time of need. There may, however, be a hint at what they are thinking. In one of their Facebook posts they write, “stay safe and look out for one another!”

A bottle of hand sanitizer may not be a big thing in the overall scheme of things. Yet it truly is a gesture of community and sharing that speaks volumes about staying safe and looking out for one another.

Here at Brindley Beach Vacations we’re as anxious as anyone for lift get back to normal. But we also know this is a time to take a deep breath and do what we all have to do to protect ourselves, our loved ones and our communities.