Red Drum. Good catches being reported this year with a number of citiation size landed.

The weather has turned pretty cold and windy on the Outer Banks this past week. Nothing like the rest of the country it seems, but still, standing at the edge of the ocean with a north wind blowing . . . it’s cold.

And that’s about the only thing that has slowed the fishing down this fall. 

The red drum, especially, have been running, but there’ve been a lot of reports of blue fish running, some puppy drum and of course sea mullet.  Even inshore it seems as things have improved with some reports of rockfish being caught.

The weather is forecast to moderate over the next few days and that should get fishermen back out there. Hopefully, the fish will come back with the warmer temperatures—although it’s entirely possible that they never went away. It may be that it’s just too cold to go fishing.

The seas have  been too rough for anyone to get out on the ocean this past week, but up until now the offshore fishing has been really strong this year. A lot of reports of yellowfin tuna and king mackerel being landed, with some scattered wahoo. 

It looks as though the seas are going to calm down over the next week so anyone thinking of heading offshore to try their luck should have good conditions.