Our favorite costume for the day. The sign seems to indicate they will be getting married at the finish line.

Never say a little rain will stop the dedicated runner!

A little more than 1600 runners toed up to the starting line this morning on the Woods Road in Kitty Hawk to run the Outer Banks Flying Pirate Half Marathon. It was raining—fairly hard at that time; the wind was from the northeast at 15 mph, with higher gusts.

But unless there is thunder and lightening the race will go on and go on it did.

Actually, cooler temperatures, which it was, and some rain, make for ideal running condition for long distance races. It keeps the body cooler, and the winning time reflected that. Chass Armstrong from Asheville, NC crossed the finish line in 1:12:13. That’s right around a 5.30 mile.

The race conditions being what they were, the Flying Pirate is half marathon and a fashion statement, with many of the runners dressing up as some form of pirate, although admittedly we weren’t always sure just what kind of pirate they were.

However, our favorite has to be the couple dressed for a wedding with a sign that seemed to say they were going to get married when they completed the race.

The Flying Pirate Half Marathon is part of a weekend of race activities. In addition to the half marathon there is also a 5K race on Saturday.

Sponsored by Outer Banks Sporting Events, the Flying Pirate is a fundraiser for the Outer Banks Relief Foundation and the Dare Education Foundation.