Three of last year’s Womanless Beauty Contestants. Cindi O’Baby is on the left.
One of the best and most remarkable aspects to living on the Outer Banks is how generous this community is. It’s a topic we’ve written about in the past, but it doesn’t hurt to come back to it from time to time. 
The Outer Banks is a place that truly believes that charity begins at home, but that the act of giving is an act of dignity, not of pity.
The community, as an active participant in giving to those in need, has really come to the fore with a couple of reminders in the past few weeks.
Last week the Outer Banks Community Foundation (OBCF) celebrated it’s 30th anniversary with a very nice luncheon at Pamlico Jack’s down in Nags Head. It also happened to be their annual public board meeting, so a lot came out about what they have been doing over the years.
One of the interesting features about Outer Banks charities is there is almost no United Way presence. The role it normally plays in dispersing funds to the community, has been taken almost exclusively by the OBCF. The Foundation, operating with a skeleton staff, still managed to give out almost $450 in grants and $150 in scholarships last year–all of it going to local organizations and students.
It is a very Outer Banks way of viewing things–this is a very welcoming community, a very caring community, and certainly a community that believes in taking care of its own.
Of course–giving to charity is a feel good type of thing, so why not have some fun with it.
This year marks the third annual Womanless Beauty Pageant. The past two years, the pageant has been part of the American Cancer Society’s Relay of Life, but this year there’s more flexibility. Contestants are raising funds for their favorite charity–some will be national (especially the American Cancer Society), most will be the Outer Banks tradition of keeping in local.
The Womanless Beauty Pageant–April 20 this year–defies description. Sponsored by Brindley Beach Vacations, it has been incredibly successful and wonderful fun.
The contestant list is filled for this year, which is too bad because the world will not have an opportunity to see Cyndi O’Baby reprise her role, and I notice that Doug Brindley’s name does not appear on the list this year. Truly unfortunate–the vision of Doug dressed in a tutu performing Swan Lake is an image that everyone should experience.

Tickets for this year’s event are $50 which includes food, open bar and plenty of laughs. For more information, call us at Brindley Beach Vacations at  252-261-2222 or 252-453-3000.