Interior of Trio in Kitty Hawk. One of the best stocked wine shops around.

Living on the Outer Banks like any other place has its quirks and advantages. Of course living in one of the most beautiful places imaginable is pretty high on the list, but there are a couple of other things about life here that don’t always show up in the marketing material.

Here’s one of the quirks, or maybe advantages to living here—it’s hard to imagine a place that consistently has better prices than we find in our retail stores at this time of the year.

Here’s why.

Thanksgiving week our homes are filled—as we mentioned before, many or our visitors are the homeowners coming to spend the time with family. After everyone leaves, things slow down for the next three to four months and the retail stores have one last shot to sell as much as they can before the new year.

So prices get really low. 

Admittedly selection is sometimes a bit limited, but it’s surprising how much can be found locally. And besides, for those of us who live here, local shopping at this time of the year usually means running into friends, neighbors, parents of kids your child goes to school with and other people you don’t see much at all during the summer.

Is it worth a special trip to the Outer Banks just to go Christmas shopping? Maybe it is . . .with any luck they’ll be one or two great deals on a surprising items. And the worst that happens is a leisurely lunch by the sea. Click here to learn more about our Holiday Rentals in Outer Banks!