The Outer Banks event calendar is really filling up, especially on weekend, and this coming weekend it’s looking as good as it gets—almost like a mini-music festival.

Although there is one of those in the mix as well.

Cory Hemilright has been bringing some of the best in bluegrass to the Outer Banks for a couple of years. He’s got a good ear for some of the groups that may not have quite the name recognition of the majors, but still really good. 

Friday, May 18, that’s what Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road offers. Good crisp, well-played bluegrass at the Bluegrass Island Store in Manteo.— Summer Concert Series

On Saturday Island Farm on Roanoke Island is doing something very different for them—their brining in some live music. And not just any live music. It’s Mercy Creek. It’s called aggressive folk rock and that’s about as good a description as there is. That’s a big thumbs up for that one.

The big event of the weekend though, is definitely the 7th Annual Mustang Music Spring Jam in Corolla.

The headliner is the Marcus King Band out of Greenville, South Carolina. Hard to put a quick description on their music, but it’s kind of southern rock with a psychedelic flair.

However, that’s just one of a number of groups that will be taking the stage. Actually two stages. One of the really nice features of the Mustang Music events is multiple stages so when one act ends, the next is already firing up.

For a real treat, get there early for the Mustang Music Outreach program. Ruth Wyand is an amazing teacher—as well as musician—and watching her young proteges perform leaves little doubt that they are the stars of tomorrow.