About a month ago we wrote about Trio, the wine and specialty beer bar in Kitty Hawk and how much fun the place is. Today, we offer evidence of that as we write about their annual Oktoberfest.

A two day affair, the staff was dressed in lederhosen—well the male staff was. The women had on those flowery skirts and blouses that everyone thinks German women wear when they’re serving beer.

It was definitely a German-themed weekend. Lots of bratwurst and sauerkraut, a traditional German macaroni and cheese dish called kasespatzle, and lots and lot of German Beer.

Of course the center of attention was the beer, and the selection seemed close to infinite. For the truly adventurous, one liter flagons of beer were offered—that’s almost 34 ounces—although most people seemed to choose a more traditional sized serving.

There was some great oompah music at night, tables were run together to give a traditional beer hall look, and everything was draped in blue and white banners declaring “Oktoberfest”.

In keeping with the traditions of the Munich Oktoberfest, a selection of German wines were also offered.