Visitors to the Outer Banks aren’t the only ones who get to do some of the fun things to do locally. I took my daughter and her BFF (that’s Best Friend Forever) parasailing today and it was a great reminder how much fun all those activities we keep recommending are.

It was a Kitty Hawk Kites adventure, since my daughter has a summer job with them, but all the outfits on the Outer Banks that offer parasailing get great reviews for safety and service, so no matter who you choose you’ll probably have a great experience.

Tow lines typically run 800’ or 1200’ and the consensus between daughter and BFF is they should have have opted for the 1200’ ride. 

The details . . . 

Amazingly smooth ride. The view was sublime. We went out with three other groups and one of the pairs had a young boy who was frankly terrified at first—and that probably lasted all of 10 seconds into the flight and when he and his dad came back down to the back of the boat he was high-fiving every one he could reach.

It was a great time; a little bit expensive, but a fantastic way to create an amazing memory.