Cutting the ribbong at 7:00a.m. and the Kill Devil Hills store is open.

The wait is over and Publix has finally opened on the Outer Banks. The ribbon was cut at the Kill Devil Hills location at 7:00 a.m. this morning and almost from the moment the door opened the store was packed.

It sometimes seems like there’s a lot of supermarkets on the Outer Banks. And if the only way to reckon what was enough or too many was based on the permanent population, there sure would be too many. 

But when the summertime visitors cross the bridges, everything changes. It’s the brave local resident who would go shopping on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. Glad to have all our out of town visitors enjoying the Outer Banks, but 70,000 or 80,000 families all stocking up for the week at the same time in 16 or 17 supermarkets gets things pretty crowded.

Publix seems a bit different than the other stores. Of course that’s on just one day’s visit. The emphasis on customer service that we’ve heard so much about was on full display today, and according to management that can be expected every day. 

A couple of nice features—a good selection of grab and go meals. A very nice wine and beer selection also. 

Talking to Dave Melson, who runs the seafood department, and he mentioned Publix has a distribution network that can bring fresh fish in from just about anywhere. All their fin fish is fresh, never frozen, according to their literature, so there are some seasonal restrictions on what they can get, but that is an interesting idea.

The Publix is located next to Lowes in Kill Devil Hills.