Every once in a while something comes along in everyday life on the Outer Banks that makes anyone who live here really proud. We have one of those situations right now.

Three teams from Dare County schools are going to the international Odyssey of the Mind Competition at the University of Iowa at the end of this month. There are two teams from Kitty Hawk Elementary and one from First Flight Middle School.

Odyssey of the Mind is a competition that forces kids to use their imagination, knowledge and creativity to solve a series of problems. To get to the international competition these kids had to go through three competitions up to the state level, placing either first or second in all of them.

Going out to Ames, Iowa is an expensive proposition so there was a fundraiser at Trio in Kitty Hawk tonight. There will be some more fundraisers as the month goes on. 

Watching the kids in competition tends to renew your faith in the future. These are bright, engaged kids and what is truly wonderful is how excited they get about using their minds.