Thanksgiving on the Outer Banks is much like it is everywhere else in this country, except, of course, it’s being celebrated in one of the most beautiful settings anywhere.

It is a quintessentially American holiday; a coming together of family and friends that is a reminder that what binds us together is far greater than what separates us. It’s worth noting that Abraham Lincoln created Thanksgiving as a national holiday, setting aside the last Thursday of November as a day of thanksgiving and remembrance.

That was in 1863 in the midst of the Civil War and his proclamation included the hope the day would would help to “heal the wounds of the nation.” The idea of a day to give thanks for the bounty of the earth and the blessings of family and friends certainly predated any national holiday in the United States, but Lincoln, perhaps looking forward to a day of reconciliation and reunion, created something special with his proclamation. He could not have foreseen television, football—and there are some great games on tap this year—or the amazing bounty of the American experience.

Yet that vision has survived for 153 years virtually unchanged…the date was moved to the fourth Friday of November in 1941. It’s something to remember and think about as we sit down to enjoy our Thanksgiving feasts wherever we are, whether at a dinner table set among one of the most magnificent places on earth or at a simple setting with those we care about the most.

It is a special time and special holiday, and from all of us here at Brindley Beach Vacations we wish everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving.