The Outer Banks Wedding Expo will be happening January 19 and 20 this year.

We’ll probably mention this at least one more time before the big Weekend, but coming soon—January 19 and 20—it’s time for the Outer Banks Wedding Expo.

The Outer Banks has become one of the premier destinations for weddings and for couples looking forward to getting married the Expo is a must see and do event. 

Bringing together the best photographers, videographers, caterers, event planners and Brindley Beach Vacations, for brides to be, grooms and their families the Wedding Expo gives everyone a chance to meet the people who help to make Outer Banks wedding so memorable.

Sponsored by the Outer Banks Wedding Association, the event is centered on the two days at First Flight High School in Kill Devil Hills where all the vendors are gathered in one location. However, there are more evening activities than can be listed and it’s a good idea to try to fit some of those evening adventures into the schedule.

The main event really is the Expo, though, and the amount of information that is available is remarkable.

Along the way there is a lot of things to do that make the Expo a fun event and some advice along those lines.

First of all. Don’t eat much before going. Every caterer at the Expo wants you to try their food and by our count there’s 19 of them now and probably a few more will sign up. And that doesn’t include the desert caterers.

Walking around, take a moment to listen to some of the musicians who will be on hand. They are really talented and hearing a live performance will give a good idea of whether that style will match the ceremony.

Speaking of walking, comfortable shoes are a must—there is a lot of walking to be done. And take notes. Memory gets a bit faulty over time.

It’s a great time; really worth the trip to the Outer Banks. Hope to see you there.