The Outer Banks Wedding Association Wedding Expo is this weekend and it’s a pretty good example of how big the wedding business has gotten on the Outer Banks–although it’s really not weddings anymore. The industry, or perhaps better said, market has moved to event planning and not just marriages and weddings.
Brindley Beach Vacations will be there . . .wouldn’t miss it. Events–weddings, family reunions, business meetings–have become an important part of our business. There will be another 175 or 180 vendors there as well. And lots of brides and their entourage. Last year there were over 1200 attendees and it looks as though this year will have at least as many.
This is a great opportunity for brides and grooms to find a wedding planner with whom they are comfortable, a caterer that can meet their needs and the accommodations for themselves and their guests. It can be time-consuming and a little bit daunting, but have some fun while you’re at it.
The food is great . . . just about every Outer Banks caterer will be there and they are all serving samples. There are sure to be a couple of fun activities in the mix and there are always a lot of giveaways.


Some advice if you are going: gates open at 10 a.m. Eat a very light breakfast, you will be fed and fed well. Drink plenty of water–you’ll probably be talking a lot and certainly walking a lot. Which brings us to our last piece of advice–comfortable walking shoes. The event is spread out over the First Flight High School and Middle School in Kill Devil Hills. There are a lot of vendors to see and a lot of walking to do.