The Whalehead Club after a rare winter snowfall.
Yes, it is cold on the Outer Banks this week and well into next and that seems to be the topic of discussion everywhere right now. Sometimes, though that main topic of discussion has meanings that sort of go off in tangents and everywhere, and this may be one of those times.
We mentioned in our last post that out of town property owners need to have someone check on their properties to make sure water pipes didn’t burst. It bears repeating, which we just did. If the house has been winterized, though, there really should not be a problem.
This type of weather will certainly effect visitation. Here on the Outer Banks we are open and ready of business, and cold though it may be, it’s not as cold as Philadelphia. The problem, though, is with the ice and snow that coats the roadways to our north, getting here may be easier said than done.

Last reports had NCDOT running just a little bit ahead of schedule on the resurfacing project for the Wright Memorial Bridge. That’s good, because they can’t work on it when the temperatures fall below 40 degrees or the wind is too strong. With the high temp today at 26 and the wind from the north at 20, there wasn’t much construction going on. Nonetheless, expect the outbound span to reopen by mid May.