Waiting for customers at the new Outer Bean location at Barrier Island in Duck.

Waiting for customers at the new Outer Bean location at Barrier Island in Duck.

Outer Bean is one of those places that almost seems to transcend its location. The juice bar, coffee shop, lunch haven in Kitty Hawk has become a go to place to meet a friend, have a meeting or just get kick back and relax.

And now there are two of them.

The new location at Barrier Island in Duck is not nearly as large as the original Kitty Hawk place, but the essentials are still there. Great smoothies, fantastic coffee and wonderful pastries and sandwiches.

Necla (that’s pronounced Nay Shla) Rader believes in as fresh as it can be, organic whenever possible and relaxed but excellent service.

The New Outer Bean Location

The new Outer Bean has just opened…in fact, the Grand Opening is scheduled for Wednesday…but the same elements are there.

Because the new location is so small, the menu is not as extensive as it is in Kitty Hawk. As an example, no paninis at the Duck location. There’s just no room for prep. None of those wonderful, truly homemade soups either. Same reason.

But the iced cappuccino we sampled today was outstanding. Great coffee flavor and not overly sweetened at all. And the mango banana smoothie was perfect for a hot summer day.

The two locations are, of course, very different.

The Kitty Hawk Outer Bean is a full-service cafe with indoor and outdoor seating. It has a very European, mid-Eastern feel to it. Necla was born in Turkey so it seems natural that what she created has that feel.

The new location? Well, it remains to be seen what that will be like. There’s really no place of seating, but the look and feel of the interior is marvelous.

By all means. Check this place out. Tired of sitting in traffic? If you’re headed to Corolla, you’re almost there, so why not take a break.
Heading out for the day? Fuel yourself with a smoothy or some other cold drink.

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