Peanut Butter Falcon. A thoroughly enjoyable, must see movie.

Peanut Butter Falcon. A thoroughly enjoyable, must see movie.

Run! Don’t walk to see Peanut Butter Falcon, the heartwarming tale of friendship, love and triumph from Outer Banks native and former Colington Island resident Tyler Nilson.

OK…we admit it. We have been waiting what seems a lifetime to use the “Run! Don’t walk…” lead. But it’s so well-deserved in this case.

Co-directed and co-written with Mark Schwartz, the movie features Zack Gottsagen playing a down syndrome man who yearns to be free.

Zak, as his character is named in the film, is housed in retirement home on the Outer Banks. Britthaven, one of many references to all things Outer Banks, is really no place for young man yearning to be free.

With the help of his roommate, Bruce Dern, Zak finally breaks free…wearing nothing but his briefs. He hides out in a boat owned by Tyler (Shia Laboeuf) who is also on the run.

A Tale of Friendship and Love

What emerges is a powerful story of friendship and and the importance of focussing on what can be done, even when we are told there are limitations.

There are scenes in the movie that are at times heartbreaking, yet never once does Peanut Butter Falcon descend into sentimentality. Rather it continually focuses on what is possible.

Zak wants to be a professional wrestler. The scene where he and Tyler come up with the name, Peanut Butter Falcon, is classic. To accomplish his goal, his dream is to attend the wrestling camp of Salt Water Redneck—information he got from an old VHS tape that he plays over and over again…much to the dismay of Bruce Dern.

Free to pursue his dream, Zak and Tyler head down the Outer Banks to a spot that looks like Avon on the map they hold up, but that’s not the name in the movie.

Pursued by two brothers with murder in their hearts for what Tyler did to their crab pots and Dakota Johnson, who fears for Zak, the pair form a remarkable bond.

A great feel good movie. Truly worth seeing. So…Run! Don’t walk to see Peanut Butter Falcon.

See the movie and come on down to the Outer Banks to check out all the local references. Stay with us here at Brindley Beach Vacations when you do.