Kites flying over Jockey's Ridge at the 35th Annual Rogallo Kite Festival.

We had near perfect Outer Banks weather for the 35th Annual Rogallo Kite Festival this weekend. With kites flying everywhere, a few hundred people on the dune at Jockey’s Ridge in Nags Head, it seemed like the perfect way to pay tribute to Francis Rogallo the father of the hang glider.

Sponsored by Kitty Hawk Kites, the weekend was all about kites and kite flying. There were giant animal kites in the sky and larger parafoils way above the ground. Driving along the Bypass, the kites were visible from two, almost three miles away.

For anyone who wanted to learn how to fly a stunt kite there was staff on hand and good selection of kites. 

A nice touch—quad line kites—kites with four line controlling their motion—can be a little difficult to learn. There was a demo kite set up, tethered to a pole, allowing the instructor to talk about how to fly the kite without constantly going back and forth to set the kite up when it crashed.

There was also a power kite designed to teach kite surfers how to control the kite. With a steady 15 mph wind and what looked like a 3 meter sail, flyers were getting dragged around, but it sure was fun.

A quick note about kite flying safety. Stunt kites use a specialized line called Spectra that is very thin and very strong. When a stunt kite is flying across the horizon where the wind is strongest, there is a lot of force involved. Getting tangled in that kite string would be a very painful experience. It’s a good idea to have a general idea of where a kite is flying and walk around that area.

A remainder—after this weekend, our Brindley Beach Corolla office will be open again. Stop by and take a look at our new office. Guests staying in Corolla can use our new office for their convenience.