It seems fitting that the last thing standing at our Corolla Brindley Beach office was the chimney and fireplace, because like the mythical Phoenix we will be rising from the ashes of our old building to be stronger and better than ever.

The demolition crew came by today to clean the site. It didn’t take the crane long to knock the chimney down and flatten what the fire didn’t destroy.

It is a major step for us here at Brindley Beach Vacations—tangible evidence that we are moving forward quickly and that by next summer we’ll have our new offices ready to serve our Corolla guests.

We did put some trailers on the site for our real estate agents so anyone who is looking to buy or invest in the Corolla market, we’re there and ready to help.

We should have our plans for the new building to Currituck County by the end of July. The County has assured us that they want to move as quickly as they can on this, so we’re hoping we’ll be able to start construction by the end of summer or early fall.

In the meantime, Corolla guests, don’t forget—go to our Duck offices at Wee Winks Square to check in. It’s a little bit hectic and a little bit crowded, but we’ve got a heck of crew on hand and we’re proud of how quickly we’re getting everyone into their homes so their vacations can officially begin.