It would be hard to imagine a more perfect way to start the summer season than this past weekend—capped by a picture perfect Memorial Day . . . bright sunshine, temperatures in the mid 80s and the ocean temperature somewhere around 65 or so. Cool enough to get you attention but on a day like yesterday, marvelously refreshing.

Surfers probably thought they were living in a surf heaven. A western breeze stacked the waters into long even chest high waves that were breaking 20 or 30 yards offshore and the surfers were out in force.

Memorial Day weekend was incredibly busy, and following that, we typically have a bit of a lull as kids finish up the school year. In about three weeks though, the Outer Banks will truly explode with families from everywhere on the Eastern Seaboard, Canada, a smattering from western states and even a few visitors from Europe.

Even though it is predictable, it is still reassuring when the out of state license plates start showing up and businesses and restaurants become packed. It looks like the weather is going to cooperate for a while. A little rain in the forecast midweek, but over all, warm but not hot temperatures and lots of sunshine.